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Tragos’ behaviour disrupts society in student city Maastricht

Last Saturday, Maastricht was disrupted by student association Tragos. Members of the association harrassed emergency workers after starting an illegal fire. But, really, are we surprised? Tragos has already been discredited several times by degrading behaviour. For Volt, enough is enough: for the safety of students and non-students alike, we as the totality of Maastricht’s diverse society have to put a stop to Tragos' toxic culture once and for all.

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Jules Ortjens

So far, Tragos does not seem to understand that the subsidy they receive from the university is essentially just tax money from hard-working people. So when such an association deliberately decides to create an unsafe environment in our city - be it by threatening emergency workers or other residents - Volt fully endorses the university's decision not to give another penny to Tragos.

In addition, Tragos’ toxic behaviour reflects poorly on all students. This is extremely problematic for a city like Maastricht, where the gap between students and non-students should be narrowed , not widened.

Of course, many Tragos members are as shocked as we are. They do strive for a healthy student culture in Maastricht. Volt’s message is addressed to those Tragos members: make up your mind, people. Either Tragos will have to acknowledge that it needs to structurally reform its toxic culture, or it should dissolve itself.