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Tourist rental and buyout protection

Last council meeting the agenda included tourist rentals and buyout protection.

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Mart Den Heijer

Maastricht is one of the most touristic cities in our country. This has a lot of advantages but unfortunately also a few disadvantages. 

One such disadvantage is that the phenomenon of "buy-to-let" is becoming increasingly common. This involves investors buying up properties that are suitable for regular rental and then re-renting them - often at a higher price. 

This phenomenon causes housing shortages, sharp price increases, and displacement of first-time buyers and negative impact on middle-income earners. Addressing this development is therefore necessary to keep Maastricht affordable for all Maastricht residents.

Fortunately, the city government has a keen eye for this and is letting the council decide on its plans to get this under control. There will be stricter rules that, among other things, ensure that homes, with a price up to the limit of the National Mortgage Guarantee (WOZ value € 355,000, price level 2022), cannot be rented out the first 4 years after purchase. This with the desired effect of living in the home oneself.

In the domain meeting "physical" of July 5, Party Of The Animals and M:OED asked critical questions. As with any proposal, there are exceptions to the rule. This is good because it allows you to get to the root of the problem and avoid adverse effects. One of the exceptions does allow a family member to live in the house. A good thing, but if you want to live with a partner, one must be married or a registered partner. This raises one critical question; why can't the exception be broadened so that couples with cohabitation contracts do have the right to live together in the home?

In response to this question, PVDD has submitted an amendment. We are co-submitting this amendment because this is how we look at the effects of these regulations in a pragmatic way, making sure that everyone is included.