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Party leader Jules Ortjens and group member Mart den Heijer take you inside the turbulent politics of Maastricht. Together they discuss developments every two weeks in the aisles of Mosae Forum - the heart of "Mestreechter polletiek". Is municipal politics really so boring? Who all walks around that big building on the Markt? How does Maastricht stand up to national politics? You'll find out all about it in the one and only podcast from Maastricht's Volt-Council group : Mestreech Made in Europe. You can listen to the podcast here!

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Jules Ortjens

Want to listen to the podcast right away?

The podcast can be listened to via spotify here! and the podcast can be listened to via Apple podcasts here!

Why a podcast?

There are two reasons why we make this podcast. The first reason is that we believe in new forms of communication. There is a lot happening in a municipality like Maastricht and a lot is already being offered. Yet we ourselves miss a summary, of course with a purple edge. The second reason is perhaps best, we really enjoy doing it! We entered politics with a clear vision and we like to let it be heard. It is an accessible way to quickly get up to speed on what is happening in Maastricht.

Can't wait to listen? You can listen to the podcast via spotify here! and you can listen to the podcast via Apple podcasts here!