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Equality starts with breakfast: let's introduce this to schools in Maastricht!

We’re all feeling it: energy prices have increased, petrol prices are at record highs and our groceries have become structurally more expensive. Starting the day equally seems to be becoming a luxury. Together with other parties, we speak out against this and it is time for some action: make breakfast at school available to all!

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Mart Den Heijer

Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to Maastricht, but is felt throughout the country. Last month, the first official school breakfast package was symbolically presented to Laurens Dassen (Party leader Volt Nederland). As an example of what breakfast might look like. This happened during the 20th edition of the National School Breakfast. In addition, the Lower House has decided to provide free school meals to over 500 elementary school with vulnerable pupils for the 2022-2023 school year.

A good step but we can still learn a lot from best practices further afield in Europe. Sweden, for example, is the leader in free school meals. Because every child starts the day with a healthy diet and a full belly, children also get more equal opportunities. School meals are seen as part of the Swedish educational program for this reason. 

Now Maastricht is no Malmö, but we can certainly learn from the Swedes, who have been providing their children with good school meals for longer. In the Netherlands we are still a bit behind in this. Most changes take place in small steps. So does this one. All the more reason to take the first step. Together with PvdA, GroenLinks and M:OED, among others, we have successfully argued for the introduction of free school breakfast to start the day on an equal footing. This does not have to be Swedish (veggie) balls: a brown sandwich will do as well!