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A guide for you as a new student in Maastricht

As a new student, you could be overwhelmed with too much information and you probably don't know where to start! Or are you afraid that you have overlooked something? With so many sources of information, it can sometimes be hard to keep track. What do you need to know when you move here and where do you need to be and who can help you with that? Volt is happy to help you on your way.

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Mart Den Heijer

Hey new Maastrichtian! Welcome to our city, the beating heart of Europe. Our city at the Meuse borders Belgium and is a stone's throw away from Germany. With the most European oriented university in the Netherlands, an international and diverse population, a rich urban history and a beautiful surrounding landscape, the choice to study in Maastricht makes perfect sense! 

Since March 2022, we have been elected into the Maastricht City Council with two seats. Our goal? Working on a Maastricht for all Maastricht people, where cross-border opportunities and possibilities are there for the taking. Connecting international and Dutch-speaking students with the city is central to this. Therefore, we find it extremely important that you, as a new Maastricht citizen, will feel at home in our city. 

What Maastricht offers

When you start studying in a new city, it can sometimes be hard to find where you need to be. But just because something is hard to find doesn't mean it's not there.

We have done our best to provide a complete overview of the offerings. As a local party, we try to do better every day to keep the distance between student and city small, and we work on more intensive cooperation between the municipality, the university and the university of applied sciences. In doing so, as a European party, we also learn from other student cities in Europe, such as Leiden and Leuven. But more important than that is the feedback Volt can get from you! Do you miss something in our overview? Do you still have questions about living, studying or working in Maastricht and the region? We would love to hear it and help you find your place in our shared city!

We wish you a great time in Maastricht and invite you to meet our council group.