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A green future

A greener future: what can Maastricht learn from Groningen? In this special Volt seminar, Peter Bootsma, the Green Mayor of Groningen, explains why climate goals are always put on hold by politics. The Groningen model of task democracy can also make Maastricht and Limburg politics more decisive and put the right groups to work to come up with decisive solutions.

Practical information

In this evening, we will focus on Bootsma's experience in Groningen climate politics and there will be plenty of time for a joint discussion: how applicable are the Groningen experiences to Maastricht and Limburg?

📅 When? Thursday, November 2, 2023
⏰ What time? 19:30-21:30
📍 Where? The upstairs room of Café Forum (side entrance, Tafelstraat)
👩 Who for? For Volters and non-Volters alike!
🇪🇺 Having trouble with English? Feel free to ask questions in Dutch!

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