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Transparency is an important principle in local politics. In a democracy, it is essential that residents have access to information about the decisions their municipality makes and how their tax dollars are spent.

Unfortunately, we sometimes see that local parties and politicians are not always open and transparent in their communication with the public. This can lead to misunderstanding and mistrust among citizens, which in turn can lead to a decrease in trust in politics in general.

Volt Maastricht stands for transparency and openness. We believe it is important to communicate clearly with our constituents and the public in general. That is why we keep our campaign website archived available, so everyone can always see what our positions are and what we did during our campaign.

By archiving our campaign website, residents can continue to follow our promises and actions after the election and assess whether we are keeping our promises. This adds to our transparency and shows that we take our values seriously.

In the current times, when trust in politics is under pressure, it is more important than ever for local parties and politicians to be transparent and communicate openly with their constituents. As Volt Maastricht, we will continue to advocate for transparency and openness so that we can create a local politics in which citizens feel heard and respected.

You can find the archived campaign website at