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Understanding each other in a diverse Maastricht

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Understanding each other in a diverse city


The traditional mother tongue of the Maastricht native is Mestreechs, a large part of the city speaks Dutch, and a majority of university students speak mostly English. In such a multilingual city, it can be difficult for different groups to understand each other, let alone understand each other. This is why Volt sees language politics as an essential part of a successful and inclusive Mestreechter polity. In episode 7 of our podcast, Jules and Mart discuss how we in Maastricht can ensure that people can understand each other better. Listen to the podcast here: 'Understanding each other in a diverse city'.


First-ever public English group meeting

Social event

What a surprise we experienced at our very first public English group meeting! More than 30 people joined us yesterday at Cafe Forum🍻 to discuss the future of our movement and beloved city 🤩 . We briefly discussed the issues we are working on now but more importantly, we showed why we are not a traditional party but a movement! Fun atmosphere, good conversations and even better people.