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Letters Citizen's Council sent


The time has finally come: last Wednesday the invitations to participate in the Citizens' Consultation were sent out. Now that the go-ahead has been given, people who received the letter can apply. From all the applications, a group of 100 people will eventually be assembled by drawing lots, aiming for a mix of people of all ages, population groups, and from all parts of the city. From September to December, the citizens' council will take care of an issue from the theme of environmental vision (what the city should look like). We are very happy with the progress of this, for us very important, pilot and look forward to September. On the Thuis in Maastricht website you can find more information about the Citizens' Council, its functioning and its tasks.


Mart guest speaker at Volt Antwerp

Volt: cross-border cooperation

Following our previous podcast episode "The citizens' council: doomed to failure (or not)?" Mart was invited to speak at an event at Volt Antwerp. He especially reflected on the negotiation process we Maastricht went through to get the citizens' council in the coalition agreement. This will allow us to help Volt Belgium with their approach to the elections that will take place in 16 months.


The citizens' council: doomed to failure (or not)?


The Citizens Council; one of the main spearheads of the Maastricht Volt-Council group, Mart's personal hobbyhorse and, in the form of a pilot, part of the city agreement. In episode 5 of our podcast, Romy updates you on the latest developments in the council and Mart finally gets the stage to tell you all about his citizens' council.


First conversations underway


The first talks between aldermen and council members are scheduled. Mart den Heijer is picking up the details of the citizens' council from Council group .